How To Use Peach Just Like a Pro


You’ve grasped Google+, flattened Facebook, and trounced Twitter. What’s next to conquer? How about Peach, the latest social network on the block? At the moment, this network is iOS-only, but it will branch out to Android soon enough, we wager. Learn how to use Peach like a pro.

What is Peach?

According to the Peach team, it’s “a fun, simple way to keep up with friends and be yourself.” In other words, it’s a social network. Since it is quite new, you probably won’t have any friends on Peach yet. No problem: Make new friends (@PmDInteractive is on Peach)!

Who made it?

Many talented people worked on Peach, but one of the big names behind it is Dom Hofmann, who was a founder of another hot social network: Vine.

When was it released?

As of this writing, Peach is on version 1.0.8, and was released on January 12, 2016. Version 1.0.7 was the first public release of Peach, and that was on January 7, 2016. Since it’s so new, if your’re a company your competition might not have signed up yet, so you can still beat them to the punch!

Where can I get Peach?

At the moment, Peach is iOS-only, so you can get it from the App Store. It’s got 255 ratings, with an impressive four stars. One caveat before you download: make sure you’ve got at least iOS 8.3 or later. But at least it’s free, with no freemium content, or micropayments.

Why would I use Peach?

That is the existential question, isn’t it? If you’re a regular person, Peach is fun to use with friends and family, or to meet new people. It’s a social network to share text, pictures, animated GIFs, video, or anything you’re up to. Sounds like every other social network, right? A big difference, however, is that Peach has Magic Words. More on that later…

If, on the other hand, you’re a business, Peach can serve as another avenue to reach an audience. All of social media is an amazing way to resonate with people that care about your business, values, products, or goals, for example. How you would use Peach for business is still a cipher. But your company could be the trailblazer that sets the tone. Claim your name as soon as possible, then!

How do you actually use it?

The best way to learn how to use Peach is to get up to speed with our beginning-to-end video:

A Peach by any other name…

Now that you’re a Peach Pro, remember to connect with us (we’re @PmDInteractive), and share great content. Happy Peach-ing! ?