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How to Write a Company Profile

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One of the most important things a company can do before setting off into the wilds of social media is to define itself. By answering various questions about your company, you’ll be able to market it more effectively. Let’s take a deep-dive look at such a Company Profile.

Be sure to download the attached Word document so you can follow along. 

There are seven dimensions to focus on when creating your Company Profile: Company Name, Tagline, About Us, Mission Statement, Values, Personality, Fundamentals. The more detail you can answer for each one, the better off you’ll be when marketing your business. Let’s look at each one.

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Company Name

What is the name of your company? Why did you choose that name? Does it have a special meaning, or story? For example, my fictional web design company will be (and will be pronounced “Vic Dot Co”) and it comes from my name. While this might seem like such a simple enough section as to skip it, the importance is that you may come up with interesting content that you’ll be able to use in your About Us sections of social media and the like.


Think of one sentence that helps people understand what your company is about. Think of some famous taglines (“I’m Loving It”, “Just Do It”). Why do they stick? Your tagline could also be a concise statement about your company, if its name is not immediately understandable. For example “A Great Company for Your Great Web Site.” This short and memorable phrase can be something to add to business cards and letterheads.

About Us

Write a paragraph about your company. Who founded it? What is it about? When did you get the idea for it? Where was it founded? Why are you in this business? How will you make the company a success? These answers will help fill your biography on various sites. This “history” of your business helps create a connection between your customers (and potential customers), and your business. You want to be seen as more than just another company.



Mission Statement

Write something that lets potential customers know what is in it for them. Why would they hire you? For example, “ exists to bring the most beautiful web design to the most discerning clients in southern California. Our designs will make everyone take notice.” A customer is inundated with a variety of many options all the time. You must let them know, as soon as possible, why they should choose you.


What are some keywords that your company believes in? For example: Orderliness, Teamwork, Discipline, Efficiency, Creativity, and Tolerance. Here is an excellent list: . The point of this, again, is to forge a connection between you and your customers. If they see that you believe in and value the things that they believe in and value, that could go toward marketing success.


Think of your company as a person. How would he or she communicate? How would he or she behave? For example, “’s communication is spontaneous and friendly. is happy to talk to new clients and share the latest in web design. ” Nothing is worse for your business than trying to communicate in the wrong “voice.” Think about it: does a serious business use contractions and slang? Does a laid-back business use proper speech?


List the company address, web site, email contact address, and any social media profiles that already exist. You may also list social media profiles you would like to set up in the future. You will want your customers to be able to communicate with you in the way that’s most comfortable for them. So provide your social media accounts for those that are more savvy, as well as real-world ways to communicate for those that are not.

Final Thoughts

This is a living document. It changes as your business changes. You may add to it or subtract from it as you get more comfortable with marketing. In the next article, we’ll show you how to put together a Marketing Strategy.

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