When blogging is a passion, it shows.

You’ve resolved to start blogging (it helps improve your SEO, of course), but what’s next? After reading our Part I on the subject of planning the blog, in this part you’ll learn about writing the blog.
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Creating posts people love takes effort

Are you ready to start blogging? You might have a few ideas you could write about, but do you know the best practices? This handy blog checklist will help you create the best content your readers will love.
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Make It Work For You: Google+

Google+ is the newest kid on the social media block . Why would you want to dip your toe in the waters of yet another social network, you may ask? The Big Two, Twitter and Facebook, have been around longer, true. You would need to set up a new account, true. And it’s also true that you’d now have to commit to sharing new content.

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